Some Important Facts about Weight Loss Pills

Most people who struggle with their weight worldwide will go to any extent in order to put some sanity to their bodies and look good. It is amazing to find out just how many products are in the market to capitalize on this desperation by many. What is clear and every person intending to lose weight should know is that not all weight loss pills available in the market today work. This might be a bitter fact to swallow, but there should be no compromise to one’s health.

The history of weight loss pills is something that dates back to the 17th century, and so those struggling with the problem should not feel as if they are in a new world or they are the only ones. Many people have and still face the same problem. In 1893, the first weight loss solution was thyroid extract, and it mostly produced lean tissue weight loss but with many side effects. Next were the weight loss laxatives in the 1920s. By mid 1930s, the first weight loss pill was produced based on a benzene-derived ingredient. Since then, we have had a number of scientific developments on the same up to what we are having in the markets today.

There are some pills which the risk from their use increases with increased intake. Such pills like Phentermine, dexfenfluramine and fenfluramine pose a greater health risk to the user if used for long despite the fact that they have minimal effect on weight loss. Also, research has shown that upon discontinuing the use of such pills, one regains their previous weight.

Most people who are desperate to reduce their weight will at times combine many doses of weight loss pills at once so as to speed up the process. In most cases, this has become fatal especially where the individual doses involved have some degree of danger in them. Also on the same point, there are those companies that prey on people’s money using the popular ‘herbal’ or ‘natural’ niche and come up with funny drugs claiming that they are effective. Not all ‘herbal’ drugs are herbal as claimed.

Today, there are as many over-the-counter pills as one can possibly think of. This has turned out to be a trap for many people. One can no longer know what is good and what is bad as every manufacturer claims their product to be the best. Therefore, as a safety precaution, it is always good to visit a physician first before embarking on the use of a certain dose or pill. Such things like one’s medical history, weight loss options, side effects of the weight loss pills and so on should all be accounted for first.

Despite the advert by many weight loss pills manufacturers that such pills need no exercise or certain eating formulas, it is always recommended to accompany these pills with physical activities and a healthy diet. Lastly, when a certain weight loss pill isn’t working, stop its use immediately, and consult your doctor.