Effective 6 Pack Abs Exercises

Diet and exercise are the two most important elements when you want to have a great body shape. This should not only be practiced by women, as men also need to have good bodies. One of the things that make a man look amazing is the 6 pack abs. These are also used to show that he is fit and in good shape. They usually don’t appear naturally, as one has to work hard to have the abs on the midsection areas. Some of the exercise plans that can be used to make this possible are:

Bicycle exercises

This doesn’t include riding on a bicycle and it can be done at home. These help to target the rectus abdominis, which is commonly known as the six pack as well as waist region. To do this exercise, you are supposed to lie flat on the ground. Place the hands beside the head. Place the knees to a 45 angle degree. When in this position, move as though you were peddling a bike. Ensure the left elbow touches the right knee in these movements. This puts pressure on the abdomen areas and helps to create the abs fast.

Captain leg raise

This chair is found in most fitness health centers. It usually has pads so that the personal taking part in the exercise is comfortable. The chair can be used to perform a number of exercises. The chairs allow one hands and feet to move freely. The gym instructor can give you a number of exercises that can be done to help get the 6 pack abs. Ensure you are safe when using the chairs to avoid any injuries. Try not to swing the legs or use momentum to raise the legs. To get better results, always keep your knees bent. This helps to focus more on the abdominal area rather than the hip flexors.

Exercise ball

This is one of the most effective tools used to strengthen abs. It is more effective than the exercises done on the floor, as the feet are usually not involved. This allows the exercises to focus more on the abdominal areas. The ball can be purchased and kept in the house to be used anytime you want. For the exercises to be effective, one needs to lie flat on the balloon so that the balloon lies on the lower back. Try to keep the ball stable so that the exercises can be effective.

Leg crunch

Another exercise plan that is effective for the 6 pack abs is the vertical leg crunches. These are done when someone lies on the floor and extends their legs up. The hands can be placed on the floor to get support. Ensure the legs are placed in a fixed position and try to move the belly towards the spine. This can be done in sets where they can be repeated for around 16 reps. Try and be dedicated to the exercise program to get results faster. Don’t expect to see results overnight as you should patient to get the desired body shape.