Different Categories of Ab Exercises

Some people have to work hard to get the ideal body types they want. This usually involves diet and several exercise programs. To get a 6 pack there are some ab exercises that one can take part in to have a great body. The exercises are usually divided in to various categories like:

Resistance training- these are usually very important to build the muscle mass of the body. They are particularly good for the abs as they help to retain the muscles that are lost when someone tries different diets to reduce fat intake. This enables one to get the energy they need for the body to function normally. These are also used to enhance the metabolism process so that one loses the weight faster.

Cardio vascular exercises- these are very important ab exercises as they are used to enhance the health of a person. They generally focus on the heart to ensure that it functions in the right way. When one has a healthy heart, they are able to perform their day to day activities more effectively.

Other than the above exercises, a person can take part in some abdominal exercises to ensure they get a good body shape. These include:

Oblique exercises- this is where there is a non restricting movement that does not have any weight. These usually hang from a bar that has twists and a side bend.

Serratus- these are usually located on the upper torso at the side. It resembles a standing crunch and it brings the elbows and the shoulders in.

Roman chairs- these are chairs used to assist someone in the ab exercises. They are used to help someone lower their back at a 70 angle degree. This way you are able to raise the torso and curl it forward. This helps one in the crunching process until they achieve full contraction.

Crunches- these are the most effective and popular abdominal exercises. One is supposed to lie on their back and stretch their legs on a bench. Lift your upper body towards the direction of the feet and ensure that your legs remain stable. You can also engage in twisting crunches where you lie in the same position but place your hands at the back of the neck. Bring your left elbow to come into contact with the right knee and vice versa.

To ensure the ab exercises are effective, it is better to enroll in a gym. Here you will find the right equipment that you will use to make the process faster. You will also find instructors that will help you do the exercise right. Try to come up with an effective exercise plan and stick to it. This will help you get to the goal faster. This should be combined with a good diet plan so that that one can get good results. To make the exercise more fun, you can do them with a friend who has the same goal. This way you will be able to give each other motivation, and help each other stick to the right path.