A Guide to Hot Six Packs Abs

Having a good body is very important as it helps one to increase their self-confidence. A guy with a good body can also be referred to as a chick magnet. This is because most of the ladies prefer to be with man who looks their best. One of the most striking features that a guy can have is six pack abs. This helps them to look very attractive and hot. Forget the beer belly and work towards having them to have the ideal body. Getting the 6 pack is not a hard task as there are simple tasks you can follow such as:

Cardio exercises

One of the activities that can help you get the perfect body figure is exercise. This is because it will help you lose all the extra fat that is not needed in the body. This way the six packs can form fast without any problem. Some of the exercise programs you can take part in include rowing, running, bike riding and jogging among others. To be sure that the exercise plan works effectively, enroll in a gym or get a personal trainer who will give you professional help and advice to ensure you stay on the right path.


Diet is very important when you want to have six pack abs. This combined with exercise helps to give one perfect results. Come up with a healthy eating plan that will give the body the energy it needs to survive. Start by taking a heavy breakfast that will hold you throughout the day. Have a light lunch. Ensure the food you take has lots of proteins as this help in the building of muscles. Avoid taking too much food at dinner as this usually leads to increased fat deposits since the body is not active. Take lots of fruits and vegetables as they help to curb appetite. They are also a healthy option for the body.

Lift weights

Weights are a great way that can help you get the six pack abs. This is a form of resistance training. When the body

has a lot of muscle it is able to burn more fat and calories. This happens even when the body is not active. Lifting weights enables one to limit the muscle mass that has been lost while you were reducing the calorie intake. This should be done together with the cardiovascular exercises so that one does not lose the muscles that should be used to create the abs


It is very important to have a steady metabolism to have the perfect six pack abs. This can be achieved by taking small meals during the day. This helps to trick the boy that there is abundance of food thus it enhances metabolism. This is one of the most effective ways used to reduce the fat in the body. All the meals should contain lean protein. This is useful, as the body will not have to break down the muscles to use as fuel. When this happens it usually results in the abs shrinking and it could slow down the metabolism process.